L-S Series

Product Description

The Maxi Slab creates a unique hand washing experience on a Solid Surface: ergonomically detailed with a modular bracket system and a concealed stainless steel drainage tray. The Maxi Slab is available in a vibrant range of colours and is compatible with Lovair touch-free sensor taps, both wall mounted and deck mounted.


Product Codes

Satin TapsChrome TapsNo Taps Length Users
L-ST60CSL-ST60CL-S60 600mm 1
L-ST12CSL-ST12CL-S12 1200mm 2
L-ST18CSL-ST18CL-S18 1800mm 3
L-ST24CSL-ST24CL-S24 2400mm 4
L-ST30CSL-ST30CL-S30 3000mm 5
L-ST36CSL-ST36CL-S36 3600mm 6

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