L-MN Series

Product Description

Lovair Mini Slab with a depth of 300 mm is ideal for smaller washrooms and individual

unisex superloo toilets. Lovair Mini Slab features ergonomic detailing, a modular bracket

system and a concealed stainless steel drainage tray. Our Mini Slab is available in a vibrant range of colours with an optional vanity top and is compatible with Lovair touch-free sensor taps, both wall-mounted and deck-mounted.

Product Codes

Satin TapsChrome TapsNo Taps Length Details
L-MN-WCSL-MN-WC 500mmWall mounted
L-MN-DCSL-MN-DC 500mmDeck mounted
L-MN8-WCSL-MN8-WC 800mmWall mounted
L-MN8-DCSL-MN8-DC 800mmDeck mounted
L-MN 500mm
L-MN-8 800mm

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