“As functional as it is beautiful.”

When we set out to create the Ribbon system we made a conscious decision to go back to basics, to start at the beginning, considering every stage people go through when they do something as simple as wash their hands. Working with Sebastian Conran Associates our objective was single minded: to make hand washing one seamless process, not a wet journey from sink to wall mounted dryer. We imagined three distinct but complementary deck mounted products: a sensor tap, a sensor soap dispenser and a dryer.

Designed to sit and work together, the Ribbon products are faster with much less risk of splashing across a washroom and very quiet with the dryer operating 10 decibels lower than the average. Cast from solid stainless steel Ribbon was developed using the very best British design, engineering and manufacturing. Over a 2 year process the system was thought through from every angle and user experience, evaluated and thought through again until it was just right.

High quality, built to last, fit for purpose, fusing simplicity and flair to create products of beauty, Ribbon is set apart by the simple idea of bringing together every stage of this basic process into one easy experience. The result is ground breaking.

Click here to watch three short films about the design intent, the manufacturing, and the spirit of the product.

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