Report: The Future of Airport Washrooms

3 years ago

washrooms airport future

The volume of footfall through airports puts a huge strain on each public area of the spaces, including the lifts, lobbies, washrooms and walkways.

A case in point, LAX had over 70 million visitors passing through their doors in 2015.

The sheer volume of visitors, their wide geographical and cultural spread, alongside the “peak and trough" nature of the traffic, mean that airports face either accentuated or unique product and environment challenges.  These challenges mean that manufacturers, designers and the airports themselves need a focused approach to resolution, innovation and product life-cycles to ensure that the airport can retain its level of brand perception, and improve passenger experience whilst increasing its footfall.

Our report sets out to explore the unique challenges airports face in their washrooms, whilst taking a brief glimpse at the direction we believe they may take.


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