Report: Retail Washrooms - The Issues and The Future

3 years ago

washrooms retail future

Due to online competition, shopping malls are having to adapt.  However, it is becoming ever clearer that it is not just about bringing the convenience and speed of online shopping into the store. Visitors are demanding an experience.

Angela Ahrendts, Senior VP of Retail at Apple, speaks about turning the 80% shopping, 20% experience rule of thumb upside down.

In addition to adding elements such as food & beverage, and entertainment, shopping centres are now looking ever more closely at the opportunities which lie within existing areas, such as the lifts, lobbies, walkways and washrooms.

We believe that within the washrooms lie huge potential to give the shopper a refreshing experience.

Our report seeks to outline the biggest frustrations that shoppers face in shopping centre washrooms, and a pointer as to where value can be added, and how the washroom’s role is changing.


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