Product Testimonial: Lovair Washtroughs

6 years ago

Adelaide and Appleton Primary School New Foundation Unit Extensions Report

In 2012, the client, Hull City Council Children & Young Peoples Services initiated two schemes to provide new Foundation Unit accommodation at Adelaide and Appleton Primary Schools.

NPS Humber Ltd were designing the two schemes on behalf of the client and after initial consultations with Lewis Bond at Lovair, Latherwash washtroughs were specified on both schemes instead of the more traditional low level, separate sinks previously specified on previous similar schemes. 

The washtroughs were chosen as they provided a neat and compact system of providing hand washing facilities with all services located out of site but easily accessible should maintenance be required, easily cleaned surfaces and robust fittings. 

Sensor taps were used to provide control of water usage as previous experience of taps in Foundation Toilets is that conventional taps can often be left running.

The choice of colours for the inserts panels also added an opportunity to introduce contrasting colours into the Foundation Unit toilets which use of generally white separate sinks does not allow, used to compliment cubicle or other fittings colours in the toilets, used another means to use colour in the teaching environment for the young children in the Foundation Unit extension.

Throughout the design process and also particularly during the construction process for both of these schemes, Lewis and Lovair were very reactive to queries regarding electrical supply requirements for the sensor taps, access arrangements for services, installation information, etc when these queries were asked by contractors.

Both of these schemes have been in use by the respective schools since September 2013 and there has been a very good response to their use instead of separate sinks as used in other areas of both schools.

Having always previously used separate sinks in toilet facilities, the option of using Lovair washtroughs as an alternative to provide colour, concealed services, easily cleaned units and robust fittings, will definitely be specified again should a suitable scheme arise.

Adrian Richmond
Principal Architect

NPS Humber




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