Guide: Designing Open Plan Washrooms in Schools

3 years ago

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The washroom is the single most visited room in the vast majority of schools. Visited on average twice a day by every pupil, and has the ability to instantly create a good or bad perception of the school.

A traditional washroom, by definition, is a room set aside within a building which is accessed via a door or a series of doors and consists of cubicles and sometimes urinals, and a communal handwashing area.

Traditional washrooms have inherent design weaknesses which can result in problems for the students.  

  • 21% of all schools surveyed stated that bullying was an issue in their washrooms.
  • 40% of all pupils feared the behaviour of other students in the washrooms.

These statistics can be heavily reduced through a thoughtful washroom design.

Our report sets out to demonstrate the impact the washroom layouts can have on a school, and breaks down the recommendations from the Department For Education, and how to use these to give the students the most refreshing experience, increase handwashing rates, and change the school for the better.


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