3 years ago

By Matthew Pittock, Lovair

Water on the floor in public washrooms is a dangerous hazard.  It makes the floors slippery and can result in health & safety insurance claims.  This can be crippling to companies and lead to legal battles between the cleaning company and the property owner, with regards to who is responsible for the hazard.

Furthermore, water on the floor can become a breeding ground for bacteria, is unsightly, and creates an impression of an unhygienic and poorly maintained restroom.  Image does matter as a negative perception of a restroom can cause a reduction in visitors to property owners’ establishments.

This is an increasing concern for retail market property owners as retaining mall foot traffic through to their tenant’s shops is of utmost importance.  In fact, a project manager at a global shopping chain once told me that if customers were disappointed with their visit, they won’t come back and next time they will buy online!

The main culprits of water on the floor are hand dryers and hand towel dispensers placed away from the sink so users have to physically take several steps with wet hands to dry them, leaving an accumulation of drips, drips and more drips.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.  Hand drying facilities that are available at the sink, so the wash and dry can be completed at the same point, is the remedy to avoiding drips and slips.  Even better, this “wash and dry without moving a muscle approach” will result in an improved traffic flow of users in the washroom and increased customer satisfaction.

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