30 second overview: Origins of Solid Surface

7 years ago

In 1963, the concept of solid surface was arrived at by a group of engineers and researchers from the DuPont™ Chemical Company.

Don Slocum, who was working at Dupont ™ at the time, wanted to create a material with the following properties:

  • Non porous
  • Stain, chemical and fire resistant
  • Solid all the way through
  • Void of air bubbles
  • Hard enough to be used as a work surface
  • Easily repairable
  • Rich and pleasing look
  • Had a consistency of pattern and colour
  • Finally, it had to be able to be worked with standard woodworking tools.

This was achieved through creating a material from a combination of natural minerals and acrylic resin, heated and polymerised to form a solid surface material with all the properties of the above.

DuPont™ first production of solid surface was in 1964 which they called Corian® and the original patent for Solid Surface was issued in October 8, 1968.

Now, this material is used in many different applications across all sectors to create stunning objects.

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