Air Fury

Inside its minimalist steel cover, the Air Fury utilises a powerful energy efficient motor to dry user’s hands within 12 seconds, whilst using over 70% less energy than a traditional dryer. In a comparison with paper towels, the Air Fury performs with 95% cost savings, whilst offering virtually zero waste and maintenance costs.  Washroom hygiene is also increased though it’s touch free operation, reducing cross contamination.

Able to fit within different design schemes, the Air Fury is available in Brushed Satin, Polished Chrome or a White finish.

Air Fury C1 High Speed Hand Dryer. The Air Fury features include 10-12 seconds drying time, a blue LED for hand drying range, exceptionally long brush life for ease of maintenance and variable air speed and heating element.

The Air Fury R1 is a semi-recessed, warm air hand dryer, with a dry time of only 10-12 seconds. It has variable air speed and heating element, and is excellent in areas where space is a premium.

The L-3002 is a slim-dri high speed hand dryer with the advantage of a 17 second drying time and low running costs.




  • ECA Approval

    All Air Fury C1 hand dryers models are now on the Carbon Trust's ECA Energy Technology List (ETL).The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a key part of the Government’s programme to manage climate change. It provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria.

  • Cost Savings

    Air Fury high speed hand dryers offer a more cost effective washroom solution. With fast drying times and high-speed energy efficient motors, the Air Fury hand dryer can be up to 95% cheaper than using paper towels and up to 70% cheaper to run than conventional hand dryers.

  • Hygiene

    With highly contagious infections (such as e-coli) always in the news, hygiene is of paramount importance for facilities managers. Thus, touch-free washroom fixtures are now an essential requirement addressing both hygiene concerns and decreasing the workload for washroom cleaning staff.


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