Soap dispenser

The solid stainless steel Ribbon soap dispenser's clean lines and elegant curves hide a technologically advanced washroom appliance

Fully compatible with automatic soap systems, featuring a nozzle engineered for precise delivery, it is very easy to maintain and benefits from a custom quick-fit anti-twist fitting


  • satin


  • chrome


Product features

  • 95% fewer man hours refilling

  • centralised refilling location

  • optimised foaming soap

  • anti-blockage nozzle

  • up to 60,000 users per refill

  • anti-rotate fittings

  • coated solid stainless steel

  • advanced proximity sensor

  • easy install and maintenance

Soap that never runs out

Fully compatible with the Lovair Ribbon Refill system, the automatic foaming nozzle reliably produces a precise dose of soap every time.

The sophisticated system is easily maintained, with the foaming nozzle simple and quick to replace.


Perpetual supply

The Ribbon Soap System consists of an under-counter pump & dispenser unit which supplies soap from a 25 litre reservoir via an automation control system.

It delivers a complete, compact system that's fully automated, avoiding the need for frequent maintenance schedules and extra staffing.

Lovair Soap System

Capacity: 25 litres foaming soap 60.000 washes between refills. 1 refills per week in high volume washroom

Refill time per month

Traditional washroom system

Capacity: 0.5 - 1 litre liquid Soap 400 washes between refills 100 refills per week in high volume washroom

Refill time per month


Soap dispenser


Width - 48mm (1 7/8")

Length - 164mm (6 3/4")

Height - 113mm (4 7/16")


  • Soap dispenser
  • Soap dispenser
  • Soap dispenser
C (Chrome) / CS (Satin)
Recommended soap viscosity
100 to 3800 cPs
~1Kg (2lb 3oz)
Stainless steel grade
Sensor range
Preset 120mm (4 2232”) (adjustable)
Min range 60mm (2 2364”)
Max range 400mm (15 34”)
Security cut-off
30 seconds
Power supply - mains
L-R011: 120-230V AC 50-60Hz Mains (Unwired auto-switching auxiliary box)
3 years parts and 1 year labour
(from date of purchase)
Recommended soap system
Lovair automatic soapfeed system

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