Simple to install. Simple to maintain.

Lovair sinks are hand crafted in America with Solid Surface; a non-porous hygienic, highly versatile material to create welcoming, minimal and safe washroom environments.

An installer’s dream

Designed with the installer in mind, the corporate slab system is one of the easiest sink systems on the market to install. Removing the need for different trades to get involved with cost and responsibility challenges it really is an installers dream. All parts have been minimized and designed as standard components for simplicity. 

The modular bracket system changes everything.

This award winning mounting system was created to allow for easy structurally tested customization of all length sinks up to 16 feet long. As a replacement for traditional installs, the modular bracket system mounts straight to the wall and sink. We include this system free of charge with every sink order. Guaranteed to last for 10 years. 

Concealed Drainage

Perfect metered water flow is complimented by the drainage system it flows into. The concealed drainage hole is the perfect size to maximize water flow whilst ensuring no splash back and a clog and dirt free easy clean.

Hand crafted in the U.S.

Lovair will always be passionate about manufacturing locally for the environmental and quality benefits. Every sink we produce is hand crafted to order by experts in either our Boston or Los Angeles manufacturing locations.


We were honored to receive the Dba Design Effectiveness award for our Corporate Slab system in partnership with Factory Design in London. 


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