Ribbon Collection

Soap. Water. Air.


The Ribbon Collection was a collaboration between Lovair and designer Sebastian Conran to create a streamlined hand washing experience. We developed three distinct but complementary deck mounted products: a sensor soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer. Each item was designed to sit and work individually or as a trio. To create a smarter, unique and refreshing hand washing experience, the Ribbon dryer is acoustically optimized, delivers fast dry times and returns all water back into the sink.

No more wet floors

By re-evaluating the way we use restrooms and adding a hand dryer to the sink area, the Ribbon Collection eliminates the dripping of water throughout the bathroom. 

Instant water flow

With our advanced proximity sensors there is no more waving your hands around trying to get the water to start. As your hands move under the faucet it breaks the sensor field and immediately starts for a fast hand washing experience.

Outstanding Durability

With an anti-rotation fixing mechanism and solid aluminum shanks, the Ribbon fixtures are specially durable against twisting or user damage often experienced in high usage restrooms. Designed to last the test of time all Ribbon products come with a 5 year guarantee.

Customizable Design

Created to offer you design flexibility the Ribbon products can be designed together–soap, water and air in the full system or as individual items. The system is also not required to be installed to a specific sink leaving creative flexibility when specifying the Ribbon product. You can also pair one dryer per two hand washing units to create a more cost effective system.

Intuitive Experience

The soap, water and air fixtures were designed from small to large to lead users through the handwashing experience in a way that felt organic and simple. International signage options are available upon request.


We were honored to have the Ribbon Collection awarded with the Gold Award for Design and Innovation at NeoCon.  It has also received the Product Innovations grand prize and last but not least it most recently was given the Chi-Atheneum Good Design Award. We are hoping this is only the start for this exciting product!


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